About Me

Hello! My name is Liza Chloë van Duyn, based in Amsterdam (NL), where I work as an independent Creative.

Over and over, I see brilliant concepts and brands struggling to get a consistent and simple communication strategy. 

With carefully selected tools and skills I express my vision, ranging from visual merchandise to digital content creation up to offline campaigns. With a background in both digital and offline content I am dedicated to building consistent brand identities.

I enjoy combining powerful content with appealing visuals and compelling stories. Often by shifting boundaries between online and offline into 360° campaigns. My goal is to solve problems for clients and to simplify communication operations, through smart ideas that translate into a harmonious balance between authentic and refreshing projects.

Ultimately passion is the key essential force that drives my work, it determines everything that I think and do.

Let me support you with Content Creation, Branding & Art Direction.

Let's get creative.



"I am dedicated to building consistent brand identities."